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IDG Paul & Mary Thompson IDG Paul & Mary Thompson
IDG Paul Thompson is a 67-year-old native Iowan. His educational background:UNI: bachelors (78); ISU: Masters (84) and Viterbo University: Reading Specialist (05). He was a teacher at Coon Rapids, Perry, and Des Moines Public Schools until retirement in 2011. IDG Paul and his wife Mary have been married 43 years and have three adult sons - John, Ben and Nick.
He became a Lion in 2002 and served as treasurer, secretary and president of Woodward Lions. In District 9NW, he has served as zone chairman and 2nd vice district governor.
IDG Paul has some other service involvements in addition to Lions. He drive an overnight truck for “Adaptive Sports Iowa” during RAGBRAI and set up the beds for its members, enabling blind and those on Hand Trikes. He is the Master of the Peaceful Lodge 141 and a Roadrunner for Za-Ga-Zig Shrine taking patients for free medical services to the Shrine Hospital in Minneapolis. He also drives an in-service truck for the Methodist Church’s Nigeria in-service in the fall.
IDG Paul had begun his year as VDG, when the sad news came that the DG-elect has conditions interfering with his performance as district governor and thus had to decline the appointment.
As the First Vice District Governor, according to the Lions Constitution, IDG Paul will step up and perform the duties of the 9NW District Governor until a one is appointed.

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